How Much Does It Cost to Start a Podcast?

how much does it cost to start a podcast?
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As with so many things, the answer to how much it costs to start a podcast is: well, it depends. If you already have a computer and you’re operating on a shoestring budget, you can begin a podcast for less than $200. But if you want to use higher-end equipment, starting a podcast can cost a few thousand dollars.

Here’s what you’ll need to start a podcast, and how prices break down.

A Computer

Your most basic instrument in your podcast equipment is a computer, which of course ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands. If you already have a computer, you won’t have to worry about this expense.

A Microphone

Your computer likely has a built-in microphone, so technically, you could get started without purchasing an actual microphone. However, we don’t recommend this tactic, as the built-in microphones don’t produce quality sound.

Instead, purchase a quality microphone for your podcast. The Samsung Q2U is only $59.99, and is a great starter microphone. You can also get higher-end microphones with more features that cost $400 or more.

Podcast Editing Software

You’ll need an audio editing program to record and edit your podcast. Fortunately, you can find high-quality software that also happens to be free. GarageBand (already installed on Mac computers) and Audacity are two good options for free software. Depending on your podcast editing needs, there are other paid software options. Some cost as low as $9 a month, while others cost $500 for a one-time purchase. If you’re just starting out though, you can get by with free audio editing software. 

We recommend Alitu as it makes creating, editing and publishing your podcasts a breeze. 

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Headphones are important to help you get the clearest recording possible. The better your audio, the more likely your listeners will be to keep coming back. As with everything, prices range on headphones, with lower-end pairs costing around $70 and higher-end headphones running you $500.

We did a full review on the top headphones for podcasting that you can check out here. 


You’ll need a thumbnail that can accompany your podcast. This will catch the eye of listeners, while establishing your brand. If you already know how to design, you can save money by making your own thumbnail. Or you can see what you can do a free site like Canva. You can also hire a designer through a site like Upwork or Fiverr.

Podcast Hosting

Your podcast needs a place to live. That’s where a podcast host comes in. A host stores your podcast and also distributes it to the many platforms where people access podcasts.This is a critical need, as you want to be found by your listeners in whatever ways they choose to listen.

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