The Culture Bros Explícito

por Jordan Walker & Earnest Childs

This is a spiritually based podcast spoken in real talk. We talk about current events, cultural riffs and all things involved in culture. 

Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 4

  • T04 E02 - Swimming Pools

    T04 E02 - Swimming Pools

    In this episode, me and mills go over Lia Thomas swimming laps around natural-born women, parenthood, and the state of the culture.

  • T04 E01 - Back to business

    T04 E01 - Back to businessExplícito

    Been a while since the boys got together and chopped it up. Getting back to business with current events and the state of the culture.

  • Temporada 2

  • T02 E22 - One yerr out

    T02 E22 - One yerr out

    In this episode, we acknowledge and celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day and what different cultures and people do to overcome their past and future problems. We talk about how Martin adapted his life from the military to full-time jo...

  • T02 E05 - Pete and Skete

    T02 E05 - Pete and Skete

    Back with the culture bros discussing our mindsets. What do you consider success, happiness, and security? Is Ye's mentality towards Pete and Kim unhealthy? Is Kim's business advice sound, or is it meant for certain ears?

  • T02 E05 - Real Wrestlers of Atlanta

    T02 E05 - Real Wrestlers of Atlanta

    In this episode, we sit down with my boy and future WWE wrestler Malik "Blackjack" Rawls. Blackjack tells us about the world of wrestling, how "fake" it is and the real stunts they perform to entertain the crowd. And of course, we...